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A Sexual Thriller

Action Adventure Thriller - Official Web Site

A brave, sexy young operative for a secret, Black Bag operation run by the CIA tires of killimg for her superiors and goes into business for herself, exacting revenge on the parties responsible for the death of her fiancé.

A Sexual Thriller is an Action Adventure Spy Thriller centered around a skilled and seductive operative by the name of Alexandra Duval. She's a specialist in the "soft kill" -- getting up close and personal with her targets -- a black widow.

A seasoned pro in spite of her young age, Alexandra has seen it all, been there and done that. It may have been the job, or more likely the death of her fiancé, but somewhere along the line her heart callused over, until now that is.

While vacationing at a tropical resort, our heroine discovers that she no longer knows how to relax and while pouring through newspapers in an effort to occupy her mind, runs across a murder eerily similar to that of her fiancé’s. As she investigates further, her personal lust for retribution becomes a secondary objective for when she could least expect it, her heart is touched by a handsome widower with three adorable children. For the first time in years, she wonders if she might love again, but she knows they will never be safe unless she can get to the truth. A truth that may answer all her questions but may also very well cost her, her life.

Alexandra encounters numerous twists and turns on her quest to find those responsible for killing the love of her life, but also on the road to liberate her very soul.

At its core, A Sexual Thriller is a revenge tale, but to me, it's about finding yourself after years of not caring. It's so easy to give up on what we truly desire, especially when our day to day existence robs us of our humanity. To me it's more a story of hope, made sweeter by a healthy dose of revenge.

A Sexual Thriller is a fresh take on the female assassin storyline. Its written to be lean, mean yet with a beautiful sheen. An elegant, beautiful, seductive heroine who is fully self actualized. An Emancipated Killer, A Sexual Thriller. 

Lethal Exposure

Action Adventure Thriller -

In a world where politics as usual means business as usual, one woman has the courage to stand and say, enough.

In this all too plausible narrative, an Icelandic-American woman running for the U.S. Senate represents a serious threat to the powers that be and accordingly is targeted for a smear campaign which includes exposing her husband as a CIA operative, ending his career and endangering the lives of each of his undercover agents. As a result of this Lethal Exposure, he is summarily abducted and subjected to enhanced interrogation by forces unknown.

Our heroine's efforts to find her husband force her to abandon the campaign as she sets out upon a journey of self discovery and danger. She is joined by a retired FBI Agent who led the opposition research which exposed her husband. Knowing his role in the disastrous results, the agent tries to atone and pledges to help find her man.

Rich in ethnic and cultural diversity, this is a saga about the inevitable abuse of unfettered power. It's a gripping revenge drama that builds to a fiery conclusion.


Undue Influence

Action Adventure Thriller - Sequel to Lethal Exposure

Politics is a Bitch and our Bitch is back!

Freshman Senator, Anna Thorsson is disappointed to find that Washington is an impossible place to get things done. But with dogged determination, she perseveres and manages to gain support for a commission to investigate the influence of big money concerns into government affairs. This of course has its consequences and a mysterious group of financial titans wants her dead. They shoot down her plane, but “The bitch just wont die.” The incident only galvanizes support for her and she returns to Washington ready for more.

Navigating through the legislative process is no easy task for our heroine and the Senate Majority Leader does his level best to impede her progress. But again. she’s tenacious and in spite of all obstacles, pushes the Undue Influence bill forward. This frustrates the Majority Leader sp he arranges for her to lead trade talks with the Icelandic government, the place of her birth. Under pressure, she agrees and joins the delegation with the side benefit of having some time to visit her brother. While there, the mysterious group dispatches another assassin and she narrowly escapes this second attempt on her life.

Since the shooting down of the Senator’s plane, her husband and a retired FBI Agent have been investigating and are able to track down and question the first Assassin. His cooperation does not come easily and unfortunately when it does, he’s quickly dispatched. Our two investigators systematically move their way up each rung of the ladder until they reach the top. The story actually begins with the villain’s interrogation and his voiceover punctuates the action throughout. As for lose ends, that just leaves the legislation and from the floor of the Senate, our heroine makes her impassioned appeal for the bill to combat undue influence.

Undue Influence is the second installment in the Letha Exposure franchise.

Danger Close

Action Adventure War Thriller -

They answered their nation's call, but didn't know the charges would be reversed.

A Special Operations Team is taking heavy fire. The enemy is about to overtake them when their only hope is to order an F-16 to drop a cluster bomb, Danger Close--The Close Air Support term for friendly forces in dangerous proximity.

Some were Killed In Action that day but for those that survived, they'll never be the same.

Danger Close is the story of their return to civilian life. The struggle to heal from devastating wounds, physical and emotional.

To face the past and embrace the present all without fear of the future.

Ultimately, the team must reunite for one last adventure when three of their own are taken hostage. 

Danger Close is a topical, hard hitting, Action, Adventure, Thriller which is now ready for your consideration.

Profits of Doom (AKA MERC)

Action Adventure Thriller -

It's the new era of outsourcing and privatization and Military Forces are no exception.

FACT: Modern chemistry can cure diseases, dramatically improve quality of life and yield huge profits in the process but at times there are also unanticipated consequences that can take years to become apparent. 

FACT: Although mercenaries have existed throughout history, there has been a significant increase in the number of private military units over the last six years.  Most serve as Government Contractors in places like Iraq, but many are also employed by private enterprise as well. The resources extended to them by way of their Government contracts can readily be misappropriated to serve private, profit based interests. For the first time in our history we have Private Armed Forces with access to State Department, NSA and CIA intelligence.

FACT: Ibogain is an hallucinogen from Africa that has been claimed to be effective in treating addiction to some drugs. Much like LSD, the recovering addict trips for many hours. A Facilitator guides them through that experience and provides positive reinforcement and reprogramming to aid in their recovery. Given the vulnerability of the subject, the potential exists for mind control, much like the kind attributed to the CIA during the cold war.

- - -

Our story grew out of these three realities. It asks the questions, what if a Pharmaceutical company wanted to suppress a research study that linked the use of their product with an increase in mortality or long term health issues?

What if they hired a private army to purge the study using the age old tactics of arson, extortion, kidnapping and murder?

And what if that private army used mind altering substances to program and train warriors for their needs?

Finally, what if ordinary people were the only ones to rise to the challenge and defeat these powers of greed and corruption? Merc is their story.

Aspects of Evil

Supernatural Action Thriller - 

A former NSA operative is in way over his head against an evil spirit, hellbent on manifesting acts of terror in the real world.

Aspects of Evil is a cautionary tale which ponders the hazards of spirit channeling. In this psycho-spiritual action thriller the spirit of a German Scientist is able to influence the living into committing acts of terrorism by a form of possession. Our heroes are a former NSA Operative and his Aunt who dabbles in matters of the spirit realm. Along with several loyal friends, they investigate a chlorine gas attack which killed over two hundred people at a movie theater. The evil spirit has much bigger plans which only our heroes can stop.



Action Adventure Thriller - Sequel to A Sexual Thriller

AST II continues the Sexual Thriller franchise as the heroine is in hot pursuit of the young Mormon girl who was a double agent who had infiltrated the team. 

aurora borealis over hraunfossar iceland

Untitled Joël Colburn Action Adventure Thriller

Action Adventure Thriller -

Set largely in Iceland... 


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