Kristrún Entertainment
Film Literary Management and Production
"The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die."
                                                                                                        Senator Ted Kennedy
My name is Kristrún Fridriksson but you can call me Rúna. I started this company because I’m dedicated to telling the stories that must be told. To create movies that matter and cinematic moments that endure. It’s an honor to work with the talented people in this wonderfully collaborative medium we call film and I’m very excited to play a small role in the creative process.
Our current slate of projects include the Action/Thrillers Sexual Thriller, Undue Influence, Lethal Exposure, Danger Close, Profits of Doom (aka MERC) and Aspects of Evil.
Each of these works are by Joël Colburn. A skilled writer and storyteller.  
You can view his web site for brief synopses of his screenplays at
You may contact me here.
We’re pleased to announce plans for a Documentary titled, The Renaissance Man. Rúna will produce under her shingle, Kristrún Entertainment.
The Renaissance Man is the story of the Icelandic investigative journalist turned political activist, Friðrik Þór Guðmundsson. The financial meltdown hit Iceland hard and as a result a new political party was born. Friðrik Þór Guðmundsson participated in the early stages of the party's formation until in-fighting and what he called childish behavior forced him to abandon the effort. An accomplished journalist, blogger, musician and all around funny man and local celebrity, Friðrik offers a unique view of Iceland's political and social challenges and his personal saga is a heart-wrenching tale of loss and recovery.
Shooting began in January of 2010 and will continue through the year.