Rúna Fridriksson, Founder & CEO


"The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die."

                                                                                    Senator Ted Kennedy


My name is Kristrún Fridriksson but you can call me Rúna. I started this company because I’m dedicated to telling the stories that must be told. To create movies that matter and cinematic moments that endure. It’s an honor to work with the skilled and talented people in this wonderfully collaborative medium we call film and I’m very excited to play a small yet significant role in the creative process.

Our Values:

We endeavor at all times to conduct business with the highest of moral standards, with a keen focus on fairness, equality and the right use of power. Our intention in all negotiations is to achieve a win / win for all parties. To remain vigilant regarding workplace safety and harmony. To operate in complete compliance with the letter and spirit of the law and to realize maximum returns for our partners and investors.

Mission Statement:

Kristrún Entertainment was established to acquire, develop and produce quality entertainment accross multiple platforms with an eye towards franchise worthy properties with long legs to carry them well into the future. 


Our primary focus is on original feature films produced efficiently and effectively for theatrical release and where appropriate, across other platforms such as publishing, gaming and alternate distribution modalities such as internet streaming, serialization and television.

As intellectual properties are acquired, each undergoes a vigorous development process polishing and preparing the work for eventual production. As they mature, we begin packaging the producers, key creatives and principal cast. It is at this time we evealuate potential production partnerships be they with major or mini studios or other production companies.

Pre-production, principal photography and post production are all to be executed in a cost effective manner insuring each and every dollar is up on the screen and not wasted on extravagant wages or perks so common on many feature films. 

Distribution includes the following windows, theatrical release, on-demand, dvd / blue ray, premium cable, basic cable, syndicated television and streaming via the internet. Theatrical release is critical to the downstream earning potential in each of the subsequent windows and as such is of great importance to the overall profitability of the venture.

Ancilary revenues include music sales, gaming, novelization as well as product placement and integration. Intellectual properties are developed based on their potential in each of these areas in order to maximize retrun on investment.

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